This edition of Monetary Reset is taking place in Davos, Switzerland

    within International Em-Tech Investment Hub


    25 May 2022 - Davos, Switzerland

  • About the Event

    The Future of Finance: Monetary Reset 2022 will take place at the most central location of Davos, in Hard Rock Hotel. The location where the traditional Chapel meets the Hard Rock is similar to the current Monetary System and Web3.


    Together with International Financial entities, we will discuss Monetary Policies, Crypto as a diversification factor for VCs, and its Integration in TradeFi.


    The event will raise such topics as high inflation, digital acceleration, and economic transformation in a world of unsustainable debt levels and geopolitical tensions. These topics and much more will be discussed in the excellent cross-sector panels involving international organizations, the public/private sector, academia, and think tanks. The event is for institutional and private investors.



  • Monetary Reset Game - The Players


    Aligned Block

    Private Sector


    International Organizations

    Eastern Aligned Block

  • Speakers

    Thierry Arys Ruiz

    Chairman & CEO at AgAu AG I Founder of Tarco Think Tank


    Ekkehard Ernst

    AI specialist at ILO |

    President of Geneva Macro Labs & Future of Work


    Emi Lorincz

    Director of Sales and Business Development at Ledger | Board Member of Bancor


     James Zhang

    Senior Director | Investment & Enterprise | UNCTAD


    Jean Marc Seigneur

    Director CAS DLT & Blockchain | University of Geneva | Academic Member | UN ITU


    Guenther Dobrauz

    Partner& Leader PwC Legal Switzerland | Member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team


    Dustin Plantholt

    Editor “Crypto” | Forbes Monaco |Founder Crypterns.com 


    Ari Qayumi

    Venture Capitalist | Digital Transformation Leader | Stanford Behavior Design Researcher | Mindful Venture Capital


    Joshua Ellul

    Chairman of Malta Digital Innovation Authority | Director of Centre for DLT at University of Malta | Associate Professor of Computer Science​

    Ibrahim Alkurd

    CEO/Founder | Lavaliere Capital Management


    Sheraz Ahmed

    Executive Director | Crypto Valley Association | Managing Partner | STORM Partners ​


    Victor Ammer

    CEO | Ammer Group

    Ray Wang

    Founder, Chairman, & Principal Analyst of Constellation Research | Co-Host of DisrupTV | Best-Selling Author


    Marc P. Bernegger

    Co-Founder | AltAlpha Digital | Founding Partner | Maximon - The Longevity Company Builder

  • Organisers

    Industry leaders and high-level organizations are teaming up to create the first edition of The Monetary Reset 2020

  • Media Partners

    Forbes Monaco